10 best social media apps and 5 other attractive options

Discord have some social media components to them nowadays.There also are some apps that have social media elements but aren't basically social media.One such instance is the dating app scene. You create a profile, chat with people, and find new people to check with. We won't include dating apps here but that you may see our greatest dating apps list here if you want to. Here are the best social media apps for Android!

  1. Facebook and Instagram

  2. LinkedIn

  3. Pinterest

  4. Reddit

  5. Snapchat

  1. TikTok

  2. Tumblr

  3. Twitch

  4. Twitter

  5. YouTube

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Facebook and Instagram

Price: Free

Facebook is the biggest social media company on the earth. It's mostly likely because it controls two of the tip three ultimate social networks with Facebook and Instagram.You already know all about these. Facebook is a multimedia platform with text posts, photo, video, groups, and chat. Meanwhile, Instagram leans closely on photo and video content material together with its Stories characteristic. We are bound by logical fact to come with either one of these apps on a list like this so here they are. Facebook is available at the button below and also you can download Instagram here.Facebook also has a ton of offshoots that round out the experience.LinkedIn Learning and Lynda), a job search app, and a presentation app.DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY!

fit variety of third party options if you are interested.Joe Hindy / Android Authority


Price: Free

Snapchat is among the most unique alternate options on the list. It's technically a photograph chat app and that's already pretty unique. It also adds Stories, a profile, and even some area sharing traits. The mixed efforts make this feel a bit more like a social media app than a messaging app. This one is particularly prevalent with younger those that benefit from the prospect of sending images.In the attention of full disclosure, there is also a reasonably outstanding NSFW community there as well. Snapchat is among the best apps on the Internet when it comes to augmented reality tech with its filters in addition.Every Facebook app and what they do

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  • TikTok

    Price: Free

    TikTok is the recent hotness at the moment. It works a lot like Vine did.People upload short videos with a wide variety of topics and you watch them as they pop out. The small, easily digestible content is very well-known with younger generations and it has a ton of content material to watch already. It also has the tools to make your own videos with some neat, albeit simple tricks to get the consequences you want. A lot of individuals don't trust this one and it can even get banned in the US (it already is in India).DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY!


    Price: Free / Varies

    Twitch is the most advantageous video streaming site for gamers. People create profiles, stream their games, and discuss with their viewers in real time. Other people meet up and chat with one another while they watch a person play a online game or do something. Twitch has improved a little bit clear of the gaming aspect and you can watch stuff like Bob Ross.There is also a fit option of live music on Twitch.Joe Hindy / Android Authority


    Price: Free

    Twitter is the top web page for decent takes. The site goes nuts every time something happens so it is also an honest spot to check out when something big is happening. Generally communicating, the super established site is straightforward to use and with such short posts (240 characters), it is simple to digest.Like other social networks, the crazy people can sometimes make Twitter unreasonable and awful, but it is easy enough to avoid those folks. We recommend following entities instead of people, reminiscent of your favourite sports teams or news resources.Price: Free / $12. 99 per month

    YouTube is a video streaming provider, but it is generally classified as a social community. It has all the hallmarks of one.Anybody can post videos, comment on stuff, like stuff, and follow stuff. In fact, it's essentially a video platform edition of Instagram. YouTube has its ups and downs, but it's a go-to spot for video content material in addition to music, even more so than Spotify. This is an alternate one of these obvious ones that every person knows about.byte – byte is the non secular successor to vine. It qualities super short videos, usually for the functions of memes, jokes, or super short tidbits of assistance. For example, sports highlights worked great on Vine and they might work great on byte. Unfortunately, with TikTok already reeling in users, byte may be left in the dust future.

  • Friendster – Friendster is an historic social network comparatively speaking. It at first introduced 2003 and had its ups and downs ever since. It currently has a lot of the same characteristics as Facebook, however the app could totally use a little work.

  • Keen – Keen is possibly a better social network from Google. It works a lot like Pinterest.You sign up and start saving things you like to your profile for later recall. It's super experimental at the time of this writing and we do not know if it'll be something by this time next year. Still, it has the capabilities to be something neat.

  • Mastodon – Mastodon is sneaking up on the realm of social media. It's an open source, decentralized social network.You can create nodes for just about any topic and folk can join your nodes as they please. It's almost like a mix among Google+ and Reddit. It boasts a chronological feed and no ads besides. Of all of the apps in this a part of the list, Mastodon is one of the best one.

  • Okuna – Okuna is an invite-only social network presently and it is very reminiscent of Google+.Once you create a profile, you can follow social groups and organize your follows into a range of lists. It has an extended maximum post limit than most other social networks and it comes with some niceties like theming. You can only get in through an invitation right now, so despite the fact that you do get in, there aren't a ton of people there yet. We expect a full release of this one finally and, together with Mastodon, has the largest chance of having there.

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