Sequels don't always live up to the common, but Anker should have missed the memo. The Anker SoundCore Liberty Air 2 exceeds any and all expectancies we had for a cheap pair of true instant earbuds. The build pleasant and Qi-enabled charging case feel top rate and the microphone is highly surprising. Stick around for the strengths and weaknesses of this solid budget-friendly pair of earbuds.Check out their in-depth take on the Liberty Air 2 true wireless earbuds.

Editor's note: this review was up to date on July 10, 2020, to come with information about EQ presets.

  • Commuters can tune out their trip easily, as these earbuds block out a decent amount of sound without the additional cost associated with noise-cancelling.

  • Athletes may want to check these out, as they're IPX5 certified to resist jets of water from any direction.

  • What's the build pleasant like on the Liberty Air 2?

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    The stemmed design is generic, however the second time around is the charm.Gone is the fingerprint-magnet gloss finish in favor of matte. The stems are easy to grip, and the SoundCore logo serves as a splash-capacitive panel on each earbud.The housing for each earbud has a sensor that detects when the earbud is inserted. Your music will stop when the earbuds are in the case, though it doesn't auto-resume once you pop the earbuds in your ears. The angled nozzles are easy to grab, and listening for hours is pretty cozy.

    Get the SoundCore app

    SoundCore's app offers a couple of useful traits, corresponding to firmware updates and a basic hearing test. The test does more than just inform you that you can hear — SoundCore in reality tailors the sound to Bluetooth multipoint isn't an option, but the earbuds aid aptX and AAC to make up for it. This means Android and iOS smartphones can stream notable audio to the buds. You won't notice much delay between the audio and video, which is a big plus if you're bingeing Space Force.Some users have said demanding situations with the initial pairing method. This is apparently a standard problem, because Anker covers many of the issues in the user's manual.One of the most causes of the flaws is that some gadgets do not help Qualcomm True Wireless Primary-Secondary dual pairing names. Even if you spot a "Connection Unsuccessful" notice be sure to still be ok. The primary earbud will still relay with the associate, though both are not attached for my">originals.

    The Qi-enabled charging case supports fast charging. A meager 10 mins of charging gave us an additional two hours of juice to keep the music on. We also found that the case provided three charging cycles before it needed to be recharged, which takes just two hours with the blanketed USB-C cable.

    How do the Liberty Air 2 sound?

    frequency response may not be up to snuff for true audiophiles, but it does the trick in a pinch. It's geared toward hitting equal loudness as a pair of $99 earbuds, though the bass replica is heavy-handed.If you're pondering you could do with out the additional bass, you could always pop into the SoundCore app to choose a different preset.

    The midrange frequencies are accurate, but the bass notes can be too loud and result in a phenomenon called auditory covering. That implies that the bass can crush the midrange sounds and make it sound like they're missing. We promise that they are not actually missing, you just might ought to adjust your preset find them.We discussed that these are an amazing pick for commuters, especially those who want to tune out the clatter of daily life. The Liberty Air 2 aren't equipped with true noise-cancelling, but not many earbuds at this price point are.They aren't one size fits all, but Anker SoundCore includes five distinct pairs of ear pointers to let you get the right fit.One of the biggest scene-stealers is microphone pleasant — four microphones work together to trap your voice and remove historical past noise concurrently. The system is outstanding, and it outperforms a few of the pricier opponents. Give our sample a listen here:

    https://www. soundguys. com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Anker-SoundCore-Liberty-Air-2-microphone-demo.m4a

    Background noise reduction is much enhanced, though not absolutely eliminated. You might notice some wind noise, but it may be tempered enough that you can optimistically take calls outside. If your goal is call exceptional, these are the buds to get if you can't shell out the cash for Apple AirPods or Google Pixel Buds.See also: The best AirPods alternatives

    How does the Liberty Air 2 stack up to the rivalry?

    We've established that the Anker SoundCore Liberty Air 2 knocks out the cheap rivalry, but let's see what happens when we put it in opposition t the" target="_blank">Samsung Galaxy Buds are inching towards the $100 threshold, and Samsung keeps adding new perks. Samsung currently added direct Spotify access — a feature formerly restricted to the Galaxy Buds Plus.

    SoundCore's Liberty Air 2 top the Galaxy Buds with an IPX5 rating compared to Samsung's IPX2. They isolate sound better besides, and both options offer touch controls.Samsung's controls are almost too delicate, but Anker's don't always feel delicate enough.If you have a Samsung phone, you're doubtless at an advantage with the Galaxy Buds because of Wireless PowerShare. Other Android users and even iPhone users might prefer the Liberty Air 2 for the aptX and AAC aid.Both pairs have stemmed designs, but the JLab JBuds Air Executive feel far less premium. The artificial leather on the charging case feels fancy, but that's about it. JLab's charging case also sacrifices the instant charging that you just get with the Liberty Air 2.

    JLab's JBuds help AAC and SBC Bluetooth codecs, however the Liberty Air 2 tops it by adding aptX to the combination. The Anker SoundCore Liberty Air 2 also gets the sting for battery life and microphone satisfactory.Whether you are a commuter, athlete, or you spend your days on the phone, you'll feel free with the sturdiness and microphone high-quality. We really can't say enough in regards to the microphones, but you'll have to see for your self. As long as you could make an effort to get the sound correct with fit and EQ tweaking, these might be your new favorite pair of earbuds.
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    Taking the HearID test creates a custom sound profile that accounts for your listening to potential and deficiencies. Low frequencies are heavily amplified by default, but this will be adjusted in the SoundCore app via custom EQ or by choosing from the company's 20-plus presets.


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