Galaxy Tab S7: Amazing specs will mean not anything else if Samsung can't fix the software

Samsung's Galaxy Tab S7 will offer beastly hardware. A vivid, high-determination screen, fast 5G data, a lot of memory and storage, a battery that should easily last all day.This is the variety of Android tablet that would put Apple on notice if you're evaluating spec sheets, mainly when the 2020 iPad Pro is a mild refresh of the (admittedly very able) 2018 model.However, as with such a lot of promising Android tablets designed to challenge Apple's flagship tablet, there's one thing that might easily hold the Galaxy Tab S7 back from greatness: the application.time and again here at Android Authority.Yet, even with all unresolved legacy issues, there have been a handful of brands that have persisted to see ability in not just Android drugs, but top class Android pills designed to topple Apple, the runaway market leader.Huawei currently took a shot, but at the forefront of that charge is Samsung — itself a pioneer in tablet software. Samsung was providing split-screen multitasking well before the characteristic found its way into Android's core interface, and provided keyboard covers with trackpads years prior to the iPad Pro's Magic Keyboard. And let's not forget DeX. On the latest flagship Samsung tablet — the Galaxy Tab S6 — that you may get near a PC event with a desktop environment, windowed apps, and a taskbar-like">Editor's Pick

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As great as the Tab S6 was, however it, it couldn't conquer the lingering issues that plague all Android tablets. While you could certainly use Android pills just like the Tab S6 to get serious work done, few would call them so robust that you could leave standard computer systems behind — something buyers have been doing with the iPad Pro range for years.

One major hurdle faced by the Tab S6, and the approaching Tab S7, is app support. There are relatively few tablet-native Android apps in comparison to what you'll find for the iPad, and it's still difficult in finding them when Google does little to curate or label those apps on the Play Store. It's harder to justify premium Android pills just like the Tab S line when just a few apps will advantage from the larger screen.noted in our Galaxy Tab S6 review, DeX gifts a stronger way to multitask on a Samsung tablet than defaulting to an enormous-sized phone UI. If Samsung can iron out some of its idiosyncrasies and add support for more apps, it might paper over probably the most cracks created by Android.Related: The best Chromebook pills you should purchase

It also wouldn't hurt if Samsung more suitable the typical mobile interface, for that matter. Although there is a real chance you'll buy the Book Cover if you're available in the market for a Galaxy Tab S model in the first place, that isn't true of each person. Samsung's front-end still has advantages over iPadOS in some areas, especially if you are in love with customization and access to the file system, but it doesn't in actual fact dominate in multitasking as it did many years ago. Apple's answer is arguably ok for most people, and there is less of a jarring transition between laptop and mobile use cases.

Apple's iPad interface has its own issues, to be clear. Among other things, there are no true windowed apps. However, iPadOS is incessantly getting better, as evidenced by the latest developments showcased at WWDC 2020.The iPad still rules the tablet space, however the Tab S7 could start moving the needle.There's also the lingering question of even if or not any changes can be enough. Even if Samsung makes giant strides ahead with DeX and remainder of its tablet skin, it'll still be restricted by what's possible with base Android.A Windows on Arm-based tablet will still be more appropriate for power users, even when you're inclined to live with the compatibility challenges of the Surface Pro X.Sadly, no amount of benefit to Samsung's interface will change Android's lackluster app ecosystem for tablets. That will require more help from Google for tablet-native apps, not to mention more large slates that inspire builders to optimize their application. The iPad still rules the tablet app space, and it could take a years-long shift in momentum for Android to reach parity.The Galaxy Tab S7 supplies to be exciting, specifically in a market where high-end Android capsules are relatively scarce. The Tab S6 was already a high quality device, and its successor should refine that adventure additional.Without program improvements, though, it'll finally constitute more of an analogous — and elements like apps are out of Samsung's control. The Tab S7 can definitely start moving the needle, but it can be a long time before there's a">

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