Is the Xbox Series X backwards appropriate with Xbox One games?

Xbox Series X be backwards compatible?

We have a stupendous clear image of what Sony intends to do for PS5 backwards compatibility. Recently, Microsoft posted on its blog to clear up its stance for Xbox Series X backwards compatibility.The largest question entering the launch of the Xbox Series X is whether games from the Xbox One will work with the approaching console.According to Microsoft, the plan is to have all Xbox One games that do not require Kinect operating for the Xbox Series X on launch day. That means the console will launch with access to hundreds of games available because of the vast library presently accessible on Xbox One.Many gamers could have games from the current era that they didn't get a chance to complete, so having the opportunity to return and play them on the recent console is great news.Also read: The best Xbox deals accessible presently

Microsoft also said games played on the Xbox Series X via backwards compatibility will look better with out the need for game builders to put in any extra work. "Our backward compatibility engineers have spent years devising innovative ways for contemporary, next-gen expertise to make the games library you're constructing today even better, at no additional cost and with no work from builders," Microsoft said in a blog post. "Your favorite games will load faster and look and perform time and again better on the new console."

That means those games sitting in the back catalog will be more pleasing than they would be on the Xbox One, that's a nice bonus. Additionally, launch lineups for consoles tend to be a little spotty when it comes to game satisfactory, so going back and playing one of the most gems from the previous technology with better visuals could be a huge selling point for the recent devices.The Kinect didn't set the area on fire as an accessory for the Xbox One, and as such, Microsoft isn't bringing it the Xbox Series X. That means any games that require the Kinect won't work with the recent console. Fortunately, that list of games is fairly small, but anyone searching to play the Kinect-exclusive games will need to keep their Xbox One attached.has a page that lists all of the Xbox and Xbox 360 games that work on the Xbox One, and it's an impressive list boasting over 600 games.


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