Netflix is providing a free subscription for 83 years if you win this game!

Netflix is now offering you a chance to get a life-long or "immortal" subscription to its streaming service. The brand says one lucky person can win a free Netflix subscription for 83 years or 1,000 months by successfully obtaining the maximum score in its new Old Guard game.That's literally $13,000 saved if you get the free Standard Netflix plan for 1,000 months.If you haven't yet seen the Netflix movie starring Charlize Theron and her band of noble immortal mercenaries, then you definitely might are looking to give it an eye fixed before you begin gambling the new game. Why?as the normal game used for the competition mirrors the events of the film. Don't worry, it's a pretty decent action mystery so you won't be upset.Related: How much does a Netflix plan cost?

Once you've seen the film, which you can head on over to play The Old Guard Game.You can play the game via your web browser and it'll be available starting today at 8AM PST (11AM ET). You'll play as Charlize Theron —the lead individual of the film — and wield a Labrys (a giant, double-bladed axe) to defeat hordes of enemies. Just just like the movie person, you might be immortal in the sport. Dying will only slow you down so to get the maximum score, you'll must defeat enemies as easily as feasible and with out getting hit. Here's a still from the game.


Dated : 2021-02-20 03:52:47

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