Rumor: Galaxy Note 20 series could launch at a discount than the Note 10

Galaxy Note 20 series at a discount than the Galaxy Note 10. The price drop is assumed to be in line with the lower anticipated demand amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Industry sources cited in a report by tech e-book Naver (translated edition) trust the Galaxy Note 20 will launch at 1. 2 million Korean won (~$999), somewhat lower than the Galaxy Note 10's launch price of 1. 25 million Korean won (~$1,040). The report also shows that the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra may be priced at 1. 45 million won (~$1,207).

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A price decrease of ~$40 for the vanilla Note model isn't colossal, but it's worth noting particularly given the ballooning prices of flagship smartphones in recent years. It should also be said that this pricing info is strictly referring to Korea. The Note 10 introduced in the US at $949, so expect pricing to reflect market conditions.Nevertheless, Samsung is probably going feeling the pinch of slowing Galaxy S20 sales. It's also reportedly expecting lower sales of the Galaxy Note 20 series even before the phone line makes its debut.Despite this, do not be too shocked to see the Galaxy Note 20 range debut as Samsung's most costly cellphone line ever given its proposed list of specs.


Dated : 2021-02-23 05:52:47

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