EDIT: July 27, 2020: We're nearing the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20, that's slated to be announced on August 5, 2020. Because that device is launching soon, you may are looking to wait and spot what Samsung has in store before making any purchasing selections.The Samsung Galaxy Note has always been referred to as the do-everything device. Since the first Galaxy Note back in 2011, Samsung has used the series to reconsider what our smartphones will be capable of do, let alone the sheer size of what we can do these items on.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 would not reinvent anything we've seen on previous Notes. Rather, just like the Galaxy Note 9, it iterates in a lot of departments to feel more modern, for better or worse.Long-term review: Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus twelve months later: Is it still worth buying?

The Note 10 Plus is bigger, faster, and thinner than ever before, but I get the feeling Samsung is moving its market demographic from the power user who wants it all, to all of the users, who also happen to wish power.This is Android Authority's Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus review.5, in accordance with Android 9 Pie.
Update notice: This review has been continuously updated because it was original published and is present as of May 2020.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus review: The big image

Check out our impressions on the simple Galaxy Note 10 in our review

What's in the box

25W charging brick, but this brick helps USB Power Delivery (USB-PD). This means the charger and the telephone can speak to assess what number of volts and amps are used when charging. You can learn more about USB-PD here.25W charging provides a good balance among charging speed and long term battery health.Optionally, you should purchase a 45W charger that will fill up the battery even faster. It costs $50 on Samsung. com.The Galaxy Note 10 Plus also comes with a black USB-C to USB-C cable, a first for a Samsung phone, in addition to some black USB-C AKG headphones.Samsung also includes a USB-A (female) to USB-C (male) adapter in the box.This was blanketed to assist you to move data out of your old Android device if you did not have a USB-C to USB-C cable, but now that Samsung contains one in the box, this seems fairly useless.In-depth: Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus fast charging defined


Samsung Galaxy S10 series, Samsung refreshed its design to feel fresh. With the launch of Note 10, Samsung is following this evolution, to a good more excessive degree.

The Note 10 Plus's bezels are smaller than nearly any phone Samsung has ever produced. Instead of placing the camera cutout in the tip right corner though, Samsung has moved the camera cutout to the end center. I like this design as a result of it doesn't feel find it irresistible gets in the way of your content material. I was already proud of the Infinity-O demonstrate in the S10 series, but this cutout is even smaller. This does come at the expense of a smaller camera aperture compared to the Note 9 ⁠— an alternative indication that Samsung was obsessed with making this device pleasing.Front-facing camera shots still look great though, so here is a fine trade-off for me.The body of the Note 10 Plus is boxy, that's a convention for Note gadgets. This year, the phone feels even boxier, but I've grown to adore it. Note 9 felt adore it wanted to be boxy but still added a curve to the corners. While this phone is not as squared off as the Razer Phone 2 or an old Sony Xperia, the fairly squared-off design with curved sides feels nice in the hand.Galaxy S10 Prism White shifted from white to blue to red, but the Aura Glow Note 10 Plus can turn with regards to any color of the rainbow. It's one of the crucial visually appealing phones I've ever seen and has been one of Samsung's key advertising and marketing points for the device, again, for better or worse.mmWave antennas to work. We saw nearly an analogous design on the Galaxy S10 5G.case and save it from damage, or keep it naked and take up how pretty it is.Related: Best Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus cases | Best Galaxy Note 10 Plus screen protectors

On the base of the telephone, you can find a slot for the enduring S Pen, a speaker grille, and a microphone, but no headphone jack.I'll proceed to hammer this in: Headphone jacks aren't be got rid of until we've got a ubiquitous replacement. Currently, the state of USB-C headphones is abysmal, to put it frivolously, and Bluetooth continues to be clunky. The proven fact that the headphone jack has become a mid-range characteristic is disgusting, and no one may be punished for not having the funds or preferring to not purchase expensive Bluetooth headphones.While we are more than a little sad to see it go, we're not too stunned to be informed …

The right side of the device is away from any buttons or ports. Samsung in its place opted to head the ability button to the left side, right under the quantity rockers. This is where the Bixby button was once, but now it has been fully removed. I'm actually fine with this alteration. At first, I theory it would be hard to turn the device on and stale, but I usually use the in-demonstrate fingerprint sensor anyway, and I can easily turn the device on and stale with my index finger versus my thumb. Like most things, this took a few day to get used to, but then it felt absolutely normal.

On the tip, you can find a SIM tray with microSD growth, a speaker, and a microphone. (The essential model Galaxy Note 10 doesn't have microSD expansion. )


AMOLED manufacturer on earth.Samsung has won 13 DisplayMate awards for the show on the Note 10 Plus, and I would say the awards are justified.The Note 10 Plus' Dynamic AMOLED demonstrate looks vibrant. It's bright and punchy but not overly saturated, and you have got the choice to use a "vivid" color profile if you'd prefer a bit more punch. HDR 10 and HDR+ certification also grants much more counsel in the shadows and highlights of HDR content, so if you're watching that extremely dark episode of Game of Thrones, make sure to be in a position to see a lot better.Before its announcement, rumors circulated that the Galaxy Note 10 would have a 90Hz show, but that isn't the case. We've seen contraptions from OnePlus and Asus with high refresh rate displays this year, but Samsung stuck to 60Hz in the Note 10 series. A higher refresh rate would were nice, but since most apps don't aid higher rates quite yet, it is not a deal-breaker for me individually.90Hz is not yet anything the mass market is asking for, and with the Note 10 Plus, features seem to have been guided by wider client needs, not power users.One UI launcher, which makes elements on the screen larger and easier to arrive versus other launchers, so this can be part of why the screen feels so usable. I tried the Galaxy S10 Plus again after using the Note for a few days and it felt tiny by evaluation.Funny how we adapt to this stuff.Samsung has also put an identical ultrasonic in-show fingerprint sensor that we saw in the Galaxy S10 series during this device. It's not any newer than the only we saw formerly, but it sort of feels more correct. Where the S10 seemingly misread my fingerprint greater than it read it as it should be, the Note 10 Plus has had a much higher success rate. This may be attributed to the indisputable fact that Samsung moved the sensor higher on the demonstrate than it was on the S10 Plus, making it easier to press naturally. While it's not ideal, and I had much more achievement with the OnePlus 7 Pro‘s giant optical sensor, readings have superior for me.


  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 855

  • Octa-core

  • Adreno 640 GPU

  • 8GB or 12GB of RAM

  • 256GB or 512GB of UFS 3. 0 storage

  • Expandable storage

Based on the specs, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus should fly, and it does — I didn't notice any hiccups or stuttering while using the phone, in keeping with other Snapdragon 855 contraptions, particularly people with 12GB of RAM.arcanetechs.com/i/blog/1600665167/aHR0cHM6Ly9jZG41Ny5hbmRyb2lkYXV0aG9yaXR5Lm5ldC93cC1jb250ZW50L3VwbG9hZHMvMjAxOS8wOC9TYW1zdW5nLUdhbGF4eS1Ob3RlLTEwLVBsdXMtQW5UdVR1LXNjb3JlLTU2OHgxMjAwLmpwZw%3D%3D" aria-describedby="gallery-1-1021955"> AnTuTu Geekbench 3DMark

In benchmarks, the Galaxy Note 10 Plus scores well. It completed a score of 369,029 in AnTuTu, in comparison to the 360,414 on the Galaxy S10 Plus. In 3DMark, it accomplished a score of 5,692 in comparison to the S10 Plus' score of 5,239. In Geekbench it nabbed 3,434 and 10,854 for the only-core and multi-core tests, respectively versus the 3513 and 11148 scores on the Galaxy S10 Plus. In Gary's Speed Test G, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus complete the course in 1:30:381, besting the Galaxy S10 by about two seconds.


This isn't to say the Note 10 Plus has bad battery life — it's just fine. I was hoping for a bigger battery though, since the screen is quite bigger than both the last Note and the Galaxy S10 Plus. It's clear Samsung has been seeking to play it safe ever since the Galaxy Note 7 incident.Average battery life can be a little bit forgiven if the telephone costs quick, and Samsung blanketed a 25W USB-PD charger in the box. This isn't the quickest charger we have seen in a telephone, but 25W is decent. Real-world checking out got the device from 0 to 100 percent in about 75 minutes, that can are available in pretty handy once you need a brief jump.

See also: The best Samsung Galaxy Note 10 25W chargers

Add to this the undeniable fact that this is a PD charger, that can intelligently step-up the voltage to more safely carry power, as well as talk directly with a tool to see how many volt and amps it can handle, and you have a thumbs up from me. Most fast-chargers use proprietary standards, and I'm glad to see Samsung adopting anything open. Samsung also sells a 45W charger, and I'm desperate to try that out when I can get my hands on it. Wide Standard Telephoto

The wide camera is amazingly flexible. It's wider than nearly every other telephone camera obtainable, but with that comes some competitive distortion. This can be fixed in post-creation if you want to, however the camera remains to be very useful for getting more in the frame and making things feel large.The primary camera is the sharpest and has good color. It also has the widest capability aperture of the 3 cameras.The telephoto camera also seems greater, probably from a software level.It's quite sharp, which is unusual for telephoto cameras on smartphones. It has just pretty much as good color as any other two cameras as well, and it's nice seeing relatively equal profiles across all three lenses.The Galaxy Note 10 Plus also comes with a "Depth Vision" camera.This is primarily used for making 3D models of gadgets. Samsung enables you to manipulate these models in post, and even export them to program like Blender 3D. There is no Depth Vision camera on the smaller Galaxy Note 10.

The front-facing camera on the Note 10 is terribly good.Images are sharp and have good color. Dynamic range is sweet and I think it looks even better than the rear cameras. This is surprising because Samsung had to make the aperture smaller on the Note 10 selfie camera than it was on the Galaxy Note 9. Still, I'm quite pleased with the results.There are some new camera modes in the Galaxy Note 10 series, corresponding to "big circle," "glitch", and "color point." Big circle emulates a very high aperture on the background and completely blurs the heritage with some nice bokeh. You can change the quantity of blur with the slider. This works well, and I think it looks very natural.gallery-caption margin-left: 0; /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media. php */

Glitch adds a 3D glitch effect to your photos, while color point keeps the subject in color and makes every thing else black and white. These outcomes can also be utilized in video mode, and that they work well.twitter. com/HUCFcVbZBI

— David ImeI (@DurvidImel) August 16, 2019

Speaking of video, the Galaxy Note 10 Plus has one of the vital best video stabilization of any phone I've used. It rivals the Huawei P30 Pro in video stabilization, that's to say, it's very, very good. Unfortunately, video struggles in low-light just up to photos do. Highlights are blown out and shadows are beaten.

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Full-size camera samples can be viewed here.arcanetechs.com/i/blog/1600665167/L3dwLWNvbnRlbnQvcGx1Z2lucy9lbnZpcmEtZ2FsbGVyeS1tb2RpZmllZC9hc3NldHMvaW1hZ2VzL2JsYW5rXzcxMC0zNjAucG5n">


Android 10 with One UI 2. 0.When initially reviewing the Note 10 Plus, it was operating Android 9 Pie. There are dissimilar adjustments current in Android 10 and One UI 2. 0 that you'll want to take capabilities of. For the usual review of the software, see below.You can manually check for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 update on your own device by heading to Settings > Software update > Download and set up.Check out additional information on system and protection updates for the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

The Galaxy Note 10 Plus ships with One UI 1. 5, that is in keeping with Android 9 Pie. Like with the Galaxy S10 Plus, I'm a huge fan of this tackle Android. Screen facets are large and simple to arrive, and there are nice traits like scrolling screenshots and a integrated screen recorder. If you are a dark theme nerd, Samsung has protected a dark theme in One UI to boot.I'm a huge fan of this take on Android

The one worry I have with this software is constant updates.My Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus just got the July safeguard patch, which is nearly a month past due. Samsung may recuperate its update timeline, but it has not been the best at this historically.The largest application updates coming to the Note 10 Plus are an enhanced Dex adventure along a new partnership with Microsoft called Link to Windows.Also read: Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Dex desktop mode: A look at what's new

Dex now works with any computer with any USB cable. This means you don't need a committed video display to use the platform. In a way, this defeats the purpose of Dex as something to replace your PC.That being said, it's nice to be capable of move files between your phone and computer more naturally, and you may even run apps on the virtual computing device.Windows PC. Samsung is hoping this could be a proper alternative to Apple's ecosystem, which seamlessly links things like text messages between your Mac and iPhone.Using it to share photos is the optimal for me in my opinion since I use Android Messages for web to address text messages. As for notifications, I don't really want more notifications on my PC.What are your emotions on the Note 10 series dropping the headphone jack?

— David ImeI (@DurvidImel) August 19, 2019

I asked my Twitter followers what their take on the jack removal was and got a reasonably diverse response.Out of 13,356 voters, 55 % said they did not care, and 45 % said they were irritated. Multiple people messaged me saying they were somewhere in-among ⁠— that it aggravated them but that they were still buying one. While I identify I'd doubtless need more non-Android enthusiasts to answer this question to get a correct evaluation, this lets me infer that people are caring less and less concerning the headphone jack. I will still defend the headphone jack until the day we have got a true substitute, but it seems the market is signaling that people aren't nearly as hell-bent over it as they once were.With that said, the Note 10 Plus has stereo audio system with Dolby Audio and in addition helps Bluetooth 5.The audio system sound excellent and tested very well in our committed speaker test. If you desire a phone that sounds good with no Bluetooth speaker, the Note 10 Plus is a superb pick.arcanetechs.com/i/blog/1600665167/aHR0cHM6Ly9jZG41Ny5hbmRyb2lkYXV0aG9yaXR5Lm5ldC93cC1jb250ZW50L3VwbG9hZHMvMjAxOS8wOC9TYW1zdW5nLUdhbGF4eS1Ob3RlLTEwLVBsdXMtQXVyYS1CbHVlLWJhY2staW4taGFuZC0yMDB4MTMwLmpwZw%3D%3D">

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S Pen

Samsung S Pen: The most advantageous guide

  • The historical past of the Samsung Galaxy Note S Pen

  • Other new qualities contain AR Doodle and improved electronic text conversion. AR Doodle allows you to draw on people and things in digital space. I like this characteristic, even supposing it's pretty gimmicky.I'll doubtless use it on items a lot more often than people, even supposing it is fun to add bunny ears to your chums from time to time.arcanetechs.com/i/blog/1600665167/aHR0cHM6Ly9jZG41Ny5hbmRyb2lkYXV0aG9yaXR5Lm5ldC93cC1jb250ZW50L3VwbG9hZHMvMjAxOS8wOC9BUi1Eb29kbGUtU2FtcGxlLTEtNTY5eDEyMDAuanBn">

    Digital text conversion was available in Note 9, but it has been more suitable with AI-powered focus for better accuracy, as well as direct export to Microsoft Word.3-inch Dynamic AMOLED Infinity-O
    2,280 x 1,080 choice

    6. 8-inch Dynamic AMOLED Infinity-O
    3,040 x 1,440 resolution
    SoCGlobal: Samsung Exynos 9825
    U. S. : Qualcomm Snapdragon 855Global: Samsung Exynos 9825
    U. S.: Qualcomm Snapdragon 855

    GPUGlobal: Mali-G76
    U. S. : Adreno 640Global: Mali-G76
    U. S. : Adreno 640

    RAM8GB (LTE model)
    12GB (5G model, Korea only)12GB

    No microSD card slot
    UFS 3. 0256/512GB
    microSD card slot
    UFS 3.0

    Ultra-wide: 16MP sensor, ƒ/2. 2 aperture, 123-degree field-of-view
    Wide-angle: 12MP sensor, Dual Pixel autofocus, ƒ/1. 5+ƒ/2. 4 apertures, OIS, 77-degree field-of-view
    Telephoto: 12MP sensor, ƒ/2. 1 aperture, OIS, 45-degree field-of-view
    10MP sensor, Dual Pixel autofocus, ƒ/2.2 aperture, 80-degree field-of-viewRear
    Ultra-wide: 16MP sensor, ƒ/2. 2 aperture, 123-degree field-of-view
    Wide-angle: 12MP sensor, Dual Pixel autofocus, ƒ/1. 5+ƒ/2. 4 apertures, OIS, 77-degree field-of-view
    Telephoto: 12MP sensor, ƒ/2. 1 aperture, OIS, 45-degree field-of-view
    Depth Vision camera: VGA, ƒ/1. 4 aperture, 72-degree field-of-view
    10MP sensor, Dual Pixel autofocus, ƒ/2.2 aperture, 80-degree field-of-view

    AudioNo headphone jackNo headphone jack

    12-watt instant charging4,300mAh
    15-watt wireless charging

    IP ratingIP68IP68

    SensorsNote 10: Accelerometer, barometer, ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, gyro, geomagnetic, hall, proximity
    S Pen: 6-axis sensor including gyro and acceleration sensors
    Note 10 Plus: Accelerometer, barometer, ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, gyro, geomagnetic, hall, proximity
    S Pen: 6-axis sensor including gyro and acceleration sensors

    Biometric authenticationFingerprint sensor
    Face awarenessFingerprint sensor
    Face cognizance

    - Enhanced 4x4 MIMO
    - Up to 7CA, LAA, LTE Cat. 20
    - Up to 2. 0Gbps download, up to 150Mbps upload
    - 5G None Standalone (NSA), Sub6 / mmWaveLTE
    - Enhanced 4x4 MIMO
    - Up to 7CA, LAA, LTE Cat. 20
    - Up to 2. 0Gbps download, up to 150Mbps upload
    - 5G None Standalone (NSA), Sub6 / mmWave

    ConnectivityWi-Fi 802. 11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax (2.4/5GHz)
    Wi-Fi 6
    Up to 1. 2Gbps download, up to 1. 2Gbps upload
    Bluetooth 5. 0
    GPS, Galileo, Glonass, BeiDouWi-Fi 802. 11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax (2. 4/5GHz)
    Wi-Fi 6
    Up to 1.2Gbps down load, up to 1. 2Gbps upload
    Bluetooth 5. 0
    GPS, Galileo, Glonass, BeiDou

    SoftwareAndroid 9 Pie
    Samsung OneUIAndroid 9 Pie
    Samsung OneUI

    Dimensions and weightNote 10: 71. 8 x 151 x 7. 9mm
    S Pen: 5. 8 x 4.35 x 105. 08mm
    3. 04gNote 10 Plus: 77. 2 x 162. 3 x 7. 9mm
    Note 10 Plus 5G: 198g
    S Pen: 5.8 x 4. 35 x 105. 08mm
    3. 04g

    ColorsAura Glow, Aura White White, Aura Black, Aura BlueAura Glow, Aura White White, Aura Black, Aura Blue

    Value for the money

    Galaxy S10 Plus for $699. That's $400 less expensive than the starting price for Note 10 Plus. The Note 10 Plus does have faster UFS 3. 0 garage with a better base capability, a bigger, brighter exhibit, the S Pen, and more RAM, but it's missing the headphone jack the S10 Plus offers.The top-end OnePlus 7 Pro can be had for $749 for nearly a similar base specs as the Note 10 Plus, and the 7 Pro also comes with the smoother 90Hz reveal, though you will be missing on expandable garage.This, then, leaves the S Pen and the design as the largest differentiators among Note 10 Plus and other flagship contraptions.Personally, the stylus is not an important asset for me. It can be useful for doodling on screenshots, but differently, I'm not convinced you wish it. For digital artists, it's a completely various story. I can completely see how the S Pen could be a useful asset for people who make art daily, but for me, it continues to be slotted in the phone 99% of the time.The S Pen and the design are the biggest differentiators between Note 10 Plus and other flagship devices.If Samsung really wanted to separate the Galaxy S line and Galaxy Note line, using the newly published Snapdragon 855 Plus would have been a great move.The company has traditionally marketed the Note series as the power user device, and while more RAM and faster storage are certainly perks, the 855 Plus would were a great way to market the device to gaming lovers. For any agency that releases two devices a year, promoting the latest Qualcomm chipset initially of the year and the Plus model in the second one half of the year is a simple path to making the improve worth it. Take note, Samsung.New competitors: Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus vs Note 10 Plus: Is newer really better?

    With that said, the Note 10 series wasn't made for power fans this year. Like I said in advance, this series was made for people who want the most effective design and great specs, not the ability users who want something that could blow other phones out of the water on paper. Samsung is shopping to rope in a much broader demographic with this device, and whether or not you consider that move, the Note 10 Plus remains to be a phenomenal phone.

    If you're looking for a smaller phone at a smaller cost, all of the Galaxy S10 series are great options. They all include headphone jacks, too. It would be easy in finding these gadgets at a reduced cost as well. Though the S10 Plus is still listed at $999 on Samsung. com, deals can be found almost anyplace you look.

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    • Buy now: Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus from Amazon

    If which you can't even come to close to the Note's price, the Redmi K20 Pro / Xiaomi Mi 9T will satisfy just about anybody looking for a whole lot power on the cheap. They come with effective specs, and at just $400, they're hard to overcome.If you desire a ravishing atmosphere experience and a whimsical camera, which you can't get it wrong with the Google Pixel 3a or 3a XL. The 3a starts at $400, and most would consider the Pixel 3a's camera one of the best for sale.If you love the S Pen but want anything inexpensive, Samsung has recently published the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite. This device has the Exynos 9810 processor which won't get quite nearly as good battery life as the Snapdragon 855-powered Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or Note 10 Plus.That said, it's still quite able, with 6-8GB of RAM and 128GB of garage with microSD card enlargement.Read more on known Galaxy Note 10 Plus issues: Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus complications, and how to fix them

    Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus review: The verdict

    Buy it at Amazon

    Again, this isn't to say the Note 10 Plus is a bad device. Personally, it's my favourite Note made so far. But priorities have basically modified for the company, and if you are the hardcore power user who wants all of the best specs Android has to give, you may are looking to take a examine alternatives like the Asus ROG Phone 2.

    And this concludes our Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus review.


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