Samsung is reportedly anticipating lukewarm demand for the Galaxy Note 20

Galaxy Note 20 series, in line with a report from Taiwan's DigiTimes. The company is reportedly cautious about ordering too many accessories for the recent phone from its plenty of providers due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

We'll note here that DigiTimes has something of a hit and miss track record. The ebook said in 2019 Apple deliberate to launch its AirPower inductive charging mat in late March of that year. Apple then canceled the accent one week later.That said, it's fair to say what the report shows makes sense. According to two separate estimates, Samsung's Galaxy S20 phones have sold considerably worse than the S10 series. Citing data from Omdia, South Korean outlet The Elec said Samsung sold 3.5 million units of the Galaxy S20 Plus, the most efficient phone in the series, in Q1 2020. A year earlier, the company had sold 5. 2 million units of the standard Galaxy S10, the most desirable phone in that lineup. The aggregate of a global pandemic and sticky label shock didn't help the S20 series fly off store shelves. And those same factors are likely to deflate the Note 20's prospects.


Dated : 2021-02-23 06:52:47

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