Whether you're a casual photographer who is studying the trade or an skilled photographer who snaps photos for a living, you understand that presentation is every little thing. When it comes to creating a WordPress web page to sing their own praises your photos, you like only the best; while the standard WordPress theme is more than suitable for showcasing your online portfolio, a custom WordPress theme specifically for photography will make your photos pop off the page.We've found 30 of the best WordPress themes for photographers which are guaranteed to make your photos the star of your online page. Whether you're a WordPress novice or a master at manipulating the internal workings of the site, you're certain to find a WordPress photography theme on this list that you can love.

1. Infinite Photography

Price: FREE

The aptly named Infinite Photography WordPress theme is designed with photographers in mind; it's a brief, responsive theme that works on a few gadgets, including the PC, iPad and most smartphones. This theme makes uploading your photos a simple procedure or even enables you to use one of your photos to create a custom background. The customization alternatives don't stop there, as the Infinite Photography theme lets you add a custom logo, change the layout of the home page and even customise the number of sidebars.This WordPress theme also helps threaded comments, letting your viewers touch upon their favorite photos or offer suggestions so that you can use on future shots.Price: FREE

The Revolve WordPress theme is a graceful theme that provides something most WordPress themes lack: a vertically-scrolling fullscreen slider and side menu. The Revolve WordPress theme is a multi-purpose theme; while photographers will love the emphasis it places on photographs, other occupations including chefs and architects will love its characteristics besides.The Revolve WordPress theme is best for building your images portfolio thanks to its array of customization options and is fully well suited with plug-ins inclusive of WooCommerce. The Revolve theme is also SEO pleasant, letting you are taking advantage of se's along with Google and Bing to attract new readers to your web page. Not only does the Revolve WordPress theme come with full documentation but a virtual walkthrough also is accessible.Price: FREE

The iPhotography theme will make sure your photos reach a broad audience; not only is that this theme well matched with varied Web browsers, including Internet Explorer 9 via 11, Chrome, Firefox and Opera, but it's also well suited with a few devices besides, including smartphones and PCs.The slider images let your readers quickly move from one photo to a better, which makes the iPhotography theme ideal for those searching to display a portfolio on WordPress. While this theme is more suited in opposition t the expert, casual images fans will also find that it is simple to adapt it for a photography blog as well.Price: FREE

With a name like Premium Photography, you'd expect this WordPress theme to come packed filled with traits and fortunately, this theme gives you on its name.This theme also includes a custom widget that will show a featured image together with your latest post. While this theme is right for photography fans who are looking to display their portfolio, travel lovers and technophiles also will love what this theme has to offer.Price: FREE

While some themes attempt to be a jack of all trades, the Draft Portfolio theme focuses all of its efforts on one bullet point: showing off your brilliant portfolio. This minimalist theme is sleek and responsive, inserting the emphasis solely to your astounding photos. While this theme is light on customization alternatives, it does offer the capacity to create a custom history together with custom menus. The threaded feedback featured during this theme allows your viewers to not just leave feedback about your photos but also lets them reply to other commenters to boot. This theme is translation ready so that you could maximize your views, allowing you to reach a world audience and find not only new fans but also new consumers.Kalon

Price: FREE

While many of the images WordPress themes featured so far are for widespread use, the Kalon WordPress theme is healthier suited to photographers who center around marriage ceremony or baby images. The developer describes this theme as a "female theme" because of the soft colors and rounded edges, which are perfect for showcasing life's gentler moments, along with the birth of a new baby or engagement photos.The spacious layout of this theme not just gives you a number of room to sing their own praises your photos but additionally ample space to pen a brief story about every one to boot.The SEO pleasant design of the Kalon WordPress theme lets you quickly rocket to the top of Google's scores. This theme is not only like minded with both mobile and PC instruments but also is well suited with every major Web browser, adding Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and even Opera. The Kalon WordPress theme is one of the fastest loading WordPress themes you can find, as the developer always tests and tweaks this theme to offer premiere load times. Finally, the Kalon WordPress theme comprises social media integration, letting you and your viewers post links to their favorite photos at once to social media systems together with Facebook and Twitter.Price: FREE

Similar to Draft Portfolio, Elicit is an alternate minimalist theme that works fantastic for photographers needing to blow their own horns their portfolios. WordPress newbies will love how easy it is to get this theme up and operating while specialists will enjoy what number of customization options the Elicit theme offers. With five widget areas, that you would be able to fine tune this theme to offer a professional look that will make your portfolio stick out from the crowd. Elicit helps all of the main WordPress plugins, is well suited with all major browsers and works on both mobile contraptions and PCs.

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8. NovelGreen

Price: FREE

While some readers may want to use a WordPress images theme to share their photos casually, others are looking for a WordPress theme to aid sell their work. The NovelGreen WordPress theme is a WordPress theme for the latter, featuring integrated WooCommerce assist so which you could easily sell prints to your fans.In addition to selling your photography online, the NovelGreen theme also comprises sections for a touch form, testimonials, a gallery and even an About page. With aid for 6 Widget areas, this WordPress theme offers a professional look on par with the biggest online agents. If you're a images entrepreneur who is able to turn your hobby into a company, the NovelGreen WordPress theme is a superb fit.Price: FREE

Despite having the word "lite" right in its name, the Photolite theme is not missing in alternatives. This minimalist theme offers right here options:

  • Custom backgrounds

  • Custom headers

  • Custom menus

  • Featured images

  • Sticky post capability

  • Threaded feedback

  • Support for translations

In addition to these qualities, the Photolite WordPress theme also boasts compatibility with all the main Web browsers and loads extremely quick. This theme uses a generous variety of sliders, meaning that WordPress newbies will haven't any problem customizing it.Price: FREE

Pinterest is one of the premiere internet sites to share your images, and the Pingraphy WordPress theme brings the feel of the Pinterest online page right to your very own blog. This theme mimics the Pinterest layout, growing a familiar environment that both you and your readers will love. This four column theme will give you ample room to show all your photos while the responsive layout will ensure your web page loads fast no matter what device it's on. With the means to customize both the colors and the menu, the Pingraphy WordPress theme allows you to adjust your online page to match your personality.Responsive Photography

Just like it says in its name, the Responsive Photography WordPress theme is a fast loading theme that will have your website fully loaded in a matter of seconds. With eight menu layouts to make a choice from and the skill to customize every aspect of this theme, no two instances of Responsive Photography will look alike. If you don't have the time or skill to design a custom theme, the Responsive Photography theme includes over 70 prebuilt designs so that you can use. The Infinite Scroll characteristic in this theme is right for a portfolio, letting your readers go on a continuous ride of all your pics.


12. Etudes

Price: $49

The Etudes WordPress theme puts as much emphasis on the photographer as it does the photos. The minimalist design of the website keeps your viewers' eyes for your photographs perpetually while the numerous galleries allow you to group your images in the best possible way.If you are looking to add just a little written content material to accompany your photos, the magazine section of the Etudes WordPress theme enables you to chronicle the history behind each image. The Etudes WordPress theme also offers a few different options for a touch page, letting you share your non-public guidance with capacity consumers. Lastly, this theme is designed with Retina displays in mind, meaning that users with an iPad or iPhone can view your photos in attractive high-definition good quality.[divider]

13. Deliver Photography

Price: $13

The Deliver Photography theme is geared more in opposition t professional photographers, offering a bevy of characteristics that can assist you in your career. The portfolio pages use a minimalist design to showcase your work, maintaining a reader's eye informed to your images and not on distracting UI parts. The about page allows you to fill in as much, or as little, advice about your self as you want while the touch form lets potential clients get in contact with you quickly. WordPress beginners will love the particular documentation that accompanies this theme, as it outlines nearly every function of this theme and the way to utilize each effectively.[divider]

14. Borano

Price: $18

While many WordPress themes are content material on just using one slideshow, the Borano WordPress theme goes the extra mile by letting the user include diverse slideshows on one website. Couple this with a multitude of gallery layouts, touchdown pages, albums and the capability to filter a portfolio and you have one of the best WordPress themes for expert photographers. With the potential to also aid Google Maps and a operating touch page, the Borano WordPress theme allows potential clients to get in touch with you fast and easily.[divider]


Price: $59

If you're new to WordPress, tinkering with a theme can speedy turn overwhelming; within minutes, your WordPress web page can look like a hot mess as opposed to a ravishing exhibit of your photos. The Photoedge WordPress theme is built particularly for novices, that includes huge documentation and copious amounts of sliders: constructing a WordPress site with this theme is as easy as using a mouse. The better part about the Photoedge WordPress theme is that it loads photos fast, letting your viewers spend more time browsing at your beautiful shots and fewer time observing half-loaded images.[divider]


Price: $17

If you're browsing for how to showcase your photos in fascinating high-definition good quality, look no further than the Vienna WordPress theme. This theme is built especially for photographers, featuring a minimalist design and aid for gadgets with Retina monitors. The Vienna WordPress theme enables you to create both gallery pages and albums along with a luxurious About page to exhibit the man behind the camera. The best part concerning the Vienna WordPress theme is how easy it is to use, with the theme coming with not only documentation but in addition free updates and a dedicated aid channel.


17. Agatha

Price: $59

The Agatha WordPress theme celebrates both high quality and quantity, coming packed filled with qualities that photographers will love. The Visual Composer and Revolution Slider plugins are both bundled with this theme, giving you over $50 of savings right away. The features of the Agatha WordPress theme don't end there, as the theme also offers limitless color schemes, a one-click installer, unlimited Google Fonts or even a enormous assortment of icons.When you're shopping to create a casual blog to exhibit your photos and musings, that you could't go wrong with the Agatha WordPress theme.[divider]

18. TwoFold

Price: $49

The TwoFold WordPress theme bills itself as a "premium fullscreen images theme" and it is easy to see why; not only does this theme offer seven home page layouts but it also provides six album and gallery layouts. The top rate qualities don't stop there, as the TwoFold WordPress theme also provides color-changing logos, animations and even filters.The TwoFold WordPress theme also qualities three photo hover outcomes, making your photos stand out not just to your readers but in addition prospective consumers in addition. If you're searching to branch out into videography, the TwoFold WordPress theme lets you seriously change a photo gallery into a video gallery with the click of a mouse.[divider]

19. Adventure

Price: $49

Some photographers use their photos to inform a story, with each picture in a series being a new chapter in an epic event. The aptly named Adventure WordPress theme brings your event to life by offering a parallax scrolling feature that lets the reader experience the tale as the photographer meant. Also, the Adventure WordPress theme also characteristics diverse portfolios, custom-designed call-to-action boxes, an auto-play image carousel and the capability to add a link to any photo. If you're searching for a function-rich WordPress theme to tell a story via images, look no extra than the Adventure WordPress theme.[divider]


Price: $59

The SolarWind WordPress theme is another in a long line of minimalist WordPress themes; although, the SolarWind theme has a few qualities that make it stick out from the gang. The mixture of a custom fullscreen slider and ribbon slider allow you to easily drag and drop photos to your page and customise their size on the fly while the masonry layout lets you get more photos on the screen at one time. If you're shopping to modify it up, the striped page layout means that you can existing images on the screen as stripes, growing a unique visual that you just won't find in other WordPress themes.


21. eCommerce

Photography is a very lucrative career, but the one thing most photographers fight with is an excellent platform for promoting their photos. The eCommerce WordPress theme is the best way to sell your photos online to your fans. While the eCommerce WordPress theme offers the fundamentals, such as a cart functionality, it also goes above and beyond by incorporating wishlist qualities, quickview alternatives and SEO characteristics to make sure capability clients find your online page.The theme is not just designed for both mobile and PC users but in addition helps all major Web browsers, including smaller browsers together with Opera. The developer of this theme offers 24/7 customer aid, even on vacations, that means that you can get any issue fixed speedy.[divider]

22. SocialMe

For photographers, there is almost not anything bigger than having a social media presence; with only one viral photo, your name may be seen by thousands, if not tens of millions, of individuals.The SocialMe WordPress theme integrates your website into nearly each social media online page, adding Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. In just the click of a button, you or your readers can share any of your photos or blog entries on their social media bills. The SocialMe WordPress theme is also fully compatible with the WooCommerce plugin, letting your readers not only share your photos but buy a copy for their own use.[divider]

23. Blogging

Price: $49

For some photographers, their photos are supposed to be just one part of a larger image. For example, someone who primarily takes photographs of political conventions may want to add their emotions and statement to every of their photos. The Blogging WordPress theme permits you to do exactly that, due to its custom widgets and sleek design. The blogging theme features an intuitive design that places equal significance on both your photos and words alike, enticing readers to continue studying after each article. The Blogging WordPress theme traits SEO implementation so that you can rest confident that your articles get greatest publicity on search engines.[divider]

24.Parallax Pro

Price: $99. 95

Much like the Adventure WordPress theme, the Parallax Pro WordPress theme is all about telling a story. The Parallax theme keeps your photographs in their proper order through the use of a vertical design that lets the attention fast move from one image to the next.You can even divide your snap shots into parts to create an actual storybook feel. The Parallax Pro WordPress theme also contains the capability to add up to five widgets to your home page, a customizable header and a responsive design that works fantastic for both mobile and PC users alike.[divider]

25. Ambiance Pro

Price: $99. 95

One of the best compliments a photo can get is that it makes the viewer feel like they are part of the image. The Ambiance Pro WordPress theme helps create a private connection with your reader by providing a minimum style that places the emphasis solely to your photos. The Ambiance Pro theme allows you to customize not just the layout of the house page but in addition overall aspects of the theme to boot, which includes adding a touchdown page. This theme lets you adjust every aspect of the color, so you can give your photos a visual pop that pulls the reader into each and every one.[divider]

26.Modern Portfolio Pro Theme

Price: $99. 95

When appearing your work to a potential client, you are looking to lead together with your best foot ahead. The Modern Portfolio Pro WordPress theme does just that by providing a graceful design that puts the emphasis directly to your photos.This theme offers a huge degree of customization, letting you put your brand in the header and change the colors to check your company's colors. If you're a WordPress novice or simply do not have the time to customise your online page, which you can use some of the premade templates to get your site up and working in an issue of mins.[divider]

27. Expose

The Expose WordPress theme enables you to expose your pictures to a wide viewers because of its translation-ready features. Your audience may even touch upon your photos and talk to each other using the threaded comments characteristic. The Expose WordPress theme also is mobile responsive, letting users who visit your site on a tablet or smartphone enjoy all a similar qualities as those on a PC. The means to add a custom heritage using this theme enables you to show one of your photos at all time while using a customized header will will let you get your logo front and center in front of your viewers.[divider]

28. Director of Photography

With a name like Director of Photography, you'd expect this WordPress theme to offer a wealth of features for newbie and expert photographers alike. This theme in reality provides, offering features which include:

  • A parallax effect

  • A responsive design

  • Support for Retina monitors

  • A variety of slider plugins

  • Support for WooCommerce

  • Support for WPML

  • A newsletter subscription feature

The Director of Photography WordPress theme also contains sliced PSD files, making it easy for beginners to create a good looking browsing site while giving WordPress specialists the tools they need to take their website to the next level.[divider]

29. Creative

Price: $75

The Creative WordPress theme allows you to unleash your inner creativity due to its MotoPress Slider, a tool that enables you to prepare your photographs into slideshows and even add transition results between each slide. The inclusion of WPML makes it easy so that you can show your site in numerous languages and develop your viewers on a worldwide scale. The touch form makes it easier for readers to succeed in you and for ability clients to hire you for his or her next images job. Lastly, the hunt form lets your viewers find their favourite photos in your catalog.


30. PixelArt

Price: $79

The PixelArt WordPress theme comes packed full of every feature a photographer could ask for in a WordPress theme. Not only does this theme function parallax scrolling and a responsive interface but it also contains an auto-update characteristic and support for all the best Web browsers.This theme is a superb choice for novice WordPress users because of all of the documentation it comes with, let alone the ready-to-use shortcodes available right at your fingertips. With numerous of theme alternatives and layouts, that you may customise the PixelArt WordPress theme into anything your mind envisions.Why not check out a few of my other photography associated posts together with The Best Gifts To Buy A Photographer, Best Laptops for Photo Editing or my stunning Lightroom Keyboard Shortcuts infographic. I've also written an epic guide on The Best Free Online Portfolio creators.


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