The OnePlus Nord makes a few durability sacrifices in the name of price

JerryRigEverything / YouTube

  • JerryRigEverything has subjected the OnePlus Nord to a durability test.

  • There appear to be a few sacrifices in the design, adding its means to bend under severe stress.

  • The components also aren't quite as premium as they appear.

The OnePlus Nord offers a substantial amount of phone for the money, but there appear to have been a few sacrifices to design in the name of that coveted sub-$500 price.JerryRigEverything (aka Zack Nelson) has put the Nord through a durability test that shows just where the device falls short. Most notably, the frame is a relative weak spot. It's plastic, despite the steel look, and Nelson controlled to not just snap the frame during his time-honored bending test, but break the phone outright.

That doesn't happen with "most" tested phones, Nelson said, although he restless that he was subjecting the telephone to abnormal quantities of pressure. It shouldn't snap for your pocket, then, but you'll want to avoid particularly rough situations if you do not have a hard phone case. OnePlus declined to comment.There are a handful of other considerations. While the reveal glass held up quite well (it didn't break even when the underlying screen did), it's made from Gorilla Glass 5 and will scratch more easily than newer, more desirable formulas.You'll also want to avoid high sustained heat if you are looking to give protection to the AMOLED screen, much like you do with other phones.Nelson maintained that the Nord remains to be a "good phone," and that sturdiness is only one factor to accept as true with for those who're making a purchase order. All an identical, the test is a reminder that lower-cost handsets commonly contain a few design compromises. It's just a matter of where those compromises are, and whether or not they affect regular use. You'll likely be fine with the Nord — just be acutely aware of its obstacles.


Dated : 2021-02-21 03:52:47

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