WhatsApp seems to be down, but listed here are 5 easy fixes to try to fix it

WhatsApp is not working to your Android device. Thankfully, all of them can be fixed pretty effortlessly.If the app is crashing, which you could't send messages, or are experiencing any other issues, just follow the tips below to get the app back up and working again.If WhatsApp is not operating in your Android phone, the very first thing to do is check even if the problem is for your side or WhatApp's. You can try this by traveling some of the internet sites that report if WhatsApp is down and by which international locations. You can have a look at a few of these websites via the links below:

  • Is The Service Down?

  • Outage Report

  • Is it Down Right Now?

  • Downdetector

If one (or all) internet sites claim that the carrier is down in your country, there is not much that you can do but wait until WhatsApp fixes the problem. Unfortunately, outages are not uncommon for WhatsApp as well as other prevalent amenities including Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.committed post on how to fix them here or just switch to mobile data to access WhatsApp in no time. Problem solved!

Step three: Force stop and Clear cache

If WhatsApp still isn't working, acting a force stop and clearing the cache to your device could solve the challenge. A force stop definitely kills off the Linux system for the app and clearing your cache removes the brief files the app has stored.arcanetechs.com/i/blog/1600665187/aHR0cHM6Ly9jZG41Ny5hbmRyb2lkYXV0aG9yaXR5Lm5ldC93cC1jb250ZW50L3VwbG9hZHMvMjAyMC8wMi9XaGF0c0FwcC1ieS1GYWNlYm9vay1zdG9jay1waG90by05LmpwZw%3D%3D">Editor's Pick

How to backup WhatsApp: Never lose a message again

For most folks breaking or losing a phone means they're out a few hundred dollars, however the real cost is data. Sure, media and files in Google Photos or Google Drive may be backed up, …

If you are looking to dive deeper into the force stop and clear cache approaches, we've got a committed post on the subject made by our personal Gary Sims — test it out here. We also have a video that goes along the object, which that you could watch above.To perform a force stop, head to the settings of your device and tap on Apps.Then scroll down until you find WhatsApp, open it, after which tap the Force stop button up top. To clear the cache, tap the Storage option below after which select the Clear cache option. Once that's done, launch WhatsApp and check if it works as it should now.Play Store, taping the My apps & games option, and then taping the Update button next to WhatsApp — if it's available.

If that doesn't do the trick or there's no update available, your best bet is to delete the app out of your device and then reinstall it. I'm sure you know how to do this, but in case you're an Android newbie, that you would be able to check out our guide on how to delete apps out of your phone by clicking here.VPNs are great. They will let you hide your identification online, bypass local content regulations on facilities like Netflix, and get access to WhatsApp in nations it isn't accessible.However, a VPN can even be the reason WhatsApp is not working for you.I've encounter reviews by users claiming that they cannot make calls via WhatsApp when they've got a VPN turned on and feature skilled a gaggle of other issues. So, when you have a VPN turned on while trying to access WhatsApp, just turn in off to see if it solves your challenge.Read next: Best cheap VPNs of 2019 — what are your options?

There you've got it — these are the five steps remember to take if you are experiencing WhatsApp-associated problems. Hopefully, one of them solved your issue.


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