Welcome to My Blog. My Name is Sourabh , But you may call me ‘NeO’

You Asking why Neo ?

Do i think myself as a SuperHuman (from the Movie Matrix) ??

Naah… i m not that delusional. This name just stuck with me since my school days when i used to play Counter Strike, Age of Mythology( still the best game ever made :p ) and countless other games .

The name i used was ‘NeoTron’ . people started calling me ‘Neo’ for short.

And when i entered the world of Programming. i started dealing with alot of International Clients and unfortunately Very few People could pronounce my name propely. and so i was tired of hearing my own name in wierd ways ( nope, i wont say how they pronounced it) . so finally i decided to let everyone all me me Neo :p

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