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Installing Vesta Panel on Cntos7

Step1) SSH to your server Step2) Update / Upgrade it yum -y upgrade Step3) Install Vesta Panel with the following Commands #Download installation script curl -O #Run it bash For Email setup Copy all your DNS records from vestapanel to Cloudflare DNS Records Errors Debugging 1)SMTP Error (550): Failed to set sender (Access […]

Api Development

Step 1 ) Create Local Domain on Xampp Step2) Download Seed Project from Step3) Install Composer Libraries : Open Shell From Xampp Panel Cd D:\xampp\htdocs\tutorials\myapi\helpers\api\libs php composer.phar install

Hello world!

Welcome to My Blog. My Name is Sourabh , But you may call me ‘NeO’ You Asking why Neo ? Do i think myself as a SuperHuman (from the Movie Matrix) ?? Naah… i m not that delusional. This name just stuck with me since my school days when i used to play Counter Strike, […]

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